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Making Your Building Hybrid

Pakistan’s First Energy Saver Flyash bricks

We have been witnessing a plethora of technological advancements in various construction materials. To cope with this onslaught of technology, it is about time that we, as a society, must switch to specially formulated modern bricks. Introducing for the first time in Pakistan, the most innovative and advanced “SIMBRI Fly Ash Bricks” to meet our construction, costing, environmental and energy issues. Our range of bricks is made on a specially designed imported plant as per international standards of Fly Ash Bricks manufacturing.
Fly Ash Bricks
Making Your Building Hybrid

SIMBRI is not just a name but an epitome of sheer persistence, passionate endeavours and relentless efforts to provide easy and sustainable construction solutions.

We, for the first time in Pakistan, are introducing “SIMBRI” as an ultimate brick replacement imbibed with insuperable and unsurpassed qualities i.e,

  • SIMBRI, an extraordinaire in construction industry, can help in reducing the construction time which speaks volumes of its utility.
  • SIMBRI is not only water and termite resistant but sound resistant as well.
  • Once used, there is no need of watering these SIMBRI bricks and there is negligible breakage.
  • SIMBRI also provides heat and cold resistance.
  • There is no paint damage due to seepage which eliminates a major hurdle of construction works.
  • Owing to its full and uniform size , SIMBRI is used 15% less in quantity than any other conventional brick for a particular construction project.
  • SIMBRI not only saves mortar during masonry but also reduces plaster cost upto 60%.
  • SIMBRI is maison-friendly and gives a teap finish design.

We take immense pleasure and pride in serving our nation by being the pioneers of such a unique product that has the potential to revolutionize our construction industry.

SIMBRI is a giant leap forward towards an eco-friendly construction environment in Pakistan which further substantiates our nation’s staunch resolve to cope with the global environmental crisis.